Rss not updating dating woman with children

Posted by / 10-Sep-2016 02:21

Obviously, no updates will happen when tt-rss is not open or your computer is not running. Note that only main tt-rss UI supports this, if you have digest or mobile open or use an API client (for example, android application), feeds are not going to be updated.

I had uploaded the first episode last week and that has updated into the RSS feed and subsequently Itunes, Stitcher and my own website.

It is recommended, but not required, to run the daemon under your website user id (usually www-data, apache or something like that) to prevent file ownership issues. Use this if you have access to PHP command line interpreter but not allowed (e.g.

by your hosting provider) to run persistent background processes.

Do not use PHP CGI binary to run command line scripts.

After reading some previous help topics I thought this may have been causing the issue so I removed it from the Extras page as is described in other help topics.

My RSS feed is not updating, which means my i Tunes page is also not updating, with my latest episode.

When an RSS Feed is broken in Microsoft Outlook, the easiest way to repair is to recreate it. Microsoft Outlook 2007 experienced continuous problems with RSS Feeds; however, this appears to have been resolved in Outlook 2010. Select the web address, and press "Ctrl" and "C" on the \ keyboard to copy the URL.

Run update daemon if you are allowed to run background processes on your tt-rss machine. On Debian, official packages have cronjob-based updating setup out of the box. Please use it if you have access to PHP command line interpreter and can run background processes.

You can run single-process update daemon or update_daemon2(multi-process, runs several update tasks in parallel) using PHP CLI interpreter.

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(Take this as a hint, not as a 100% fact.) Same RSS-feed-URL does work for the live-bookmarks feature.