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In her time there, she reported some of the best stories and delivered some of the most exclusive interviews on the program.I am thrilled that she will now join us, contributing reports and interviews to all of our programs.

She received The Montana Standard 2005 People’s Choice Awards: Top Choice for "Best Sports Reporter," and "Best TV Personality," while sports producer/reporter/anchor at KXLF-TV in Butte, Montana (September 2004–05).Any further proceedings will be post conviction or appellate proceedings and will not be logged on this site.Home | Start of docket entries | Bottom of Docket entries | Attorney Ph numbers | Attorney Email listings | Defense Counsel Restricted Area | Reprint of PACER docket | Pacer Service Center | Notes to users and disclaimers | Document 1 - The indictment.Which begs the question: Is sports no longer part of the real world?Where I live, in Seattle, Wash., sports reporter Lisa Gangel of KING-TV is engaged to Patrick Kerney, a defensive end for the NFL’s Seahawks.

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Smith: CHANGE OF PLEA HEARING as to Richard Mark Gangel held on 2/9/2012, Plea entered by Richard Mark Gangel (9) Guilty Count 2,5.

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