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They are very effective at detecting these types of injuries and are often the only imaging studies needed.In addition to plain films, computed tomography (CT) scanning, and less commonly, ultrasound imaging may be used.A child may have fallen from a height, such as in a playground, and hit their head.Most skull fractures in children are caused when children are playing. There are four main types of skull fracture: If a child has hit their head it is vital they are checked by a doctor.

If the force and deformation is excessive, the skull fractures at or near the site of impact.

A head injury or skull fracture can be very serious, even if the child initially seems fine.

As the skull protects the brain, a skull fracture can also cause a brain injury.

When evaluating the child/adolescent with a suspected acute injury, the history and physical examination determine the use of radiology.

The decision-making process is guided by the quality of information that can be obtained.

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