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Dating costars

But will the offscreen romance mess up onscreen plots.

Will Kelly Monaco be uncomfortable watching Billy Miller film intimate scenes with Rebecca Herbst (Liz Webber)?

Debra Messing may be hooking up with her "Smash" co-star Will Chase, but she's hardly the only TV star to find love on set.

And now she’s thrilled that Billy Miller (aka Jake Doe/Jason Morgan) has swept her off her feet – almost like a romantic soap story of her own.

Attendees said the two definitely looked like a pair.

According to sources, the two have been dating since they first met on the set of the hit FOX series. Gealey plays Anika Calhoun, the ex of Andre Lyon’s father!

"Trai and Grace are super serious," a third source tells Us.

Who says you can’t find “Everlasting” love on a TV show?

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