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The results show groups located within a specific mile radius of you, or you can target specific cities.If Meetup does not have local results, you can start a Meetup group in your area.You simply sign up to create a personal profile and begin emailing, chatting, joining discussion boards, or locating others in your general vicinity.Best of all, Passions Networks dating site is free. Meetup: This is the worlds largest social networking site and is designed to connect local groups of people who share common interests. Type in key words to search for a particular area of interest; in this case, childfree or no kidding would provide a great start.He canceled the day of because his youngest daughter had hit her head and he’d spent the previous night in the emergency room.I totally understood why he had to cancel, but the situation also reminded me why he and I could never work and why I will never date a man with children again.Beauty & Self Books & Music Career Computers Education Family Food & Wine Health & Fitness Hobbies & Crafts Home & Garden Money News & Politics Relationships Religion & Spirituality Sports Travel & Culture TV & Movies Guest Author - Patricia Pedraza-Nafziger One of the more frequently asked questions from our Married No Kids site is from male readers inquiring, Where can I meet women who dont want kids?To assist these childfree men who are passionate about living a childfree lifestyle but would love to share their lives with someone with the same beliefs about children, here are some resources to help in the search for that special someone.

All profiles on the site offer an array of information about the people involved, allowing an individual or couple to find a person to suit your personal preferences.

With its diverse range of profiles from people throughout the world, users can choose a person who suits their cultural, ethnic, philosophical, or educational requirements.

People can also dictate the locality, age and beliefs of the person before making contact, as well as their interests and whether they are smokers or not and even their star sign.

Simply conduct a search for key words such as childfree, no kidding, being fruitful without multiplying, childfree by choice, etc. No Kids Passions: This social networking and online dating site, one of many sites offered by Passions Network, is specifically for singles who have no interest in having children.

to find countless individuals, particularly women, who want to share their daily thoughts and opinions about living a childfree lifestyle. The site is designed for users to connect with others who have similar passions, such as the No Kids Passions community.

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The wonderful thing about is that it provides everyone who can't have a child through the traditional means with the chance to have a child.